228/365: 5 Minutes of Non-Cooperation

228/365: 5 Minutes of Non-Cooperation

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My family left today after a great visit. Noni (my mom) wanted some pictures with the kiddos… but it was past naptime and the boys would have rather been doing anything else but taking pictures. We did our best to make it work.

  1. kristin

    18 August

    I don’t think those are what Noni had in mind, but I love them because it shows how your boys are right now! My son wouldn’t cooperate very well yesterday for his first day of school photo, so I grabbed what I could and looking back on them now, they’ll always remind me of that particular morning and why he wasn’t a willing photo participant. However, I just say, the big boy in the last photo co-operated nicely and that’s a lovely photo.

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