227/365: Tickly Toothbrushes and Alligator Opens

227/365: Tickly Toothbrushes and Alligator Opens

First dentist visit for the boys today. They did great! Grayden wasn’t exactly thrilled, but he hung with us. Isaac was a trooper and even went with the hygienist to have his x-rays done all by himself. He’s getting so big!!

I love his little hands and posture here. A little nervous, but such a good kid :)

  1. Marisa

    15 August

    Three cheers for pediatric dentists! My kids are having much better experiences and less nervousness than I did. :-/

  2. kristin

    15 August

    His hands say it all! I hope their visit went better than our recent one. Ryan had his first bite wings done and had 7, yes 7 cavities! All in the back between his molars where I wasn’t flossing enough. Me bad!

  3. Sarah

    17 August

    Aww. So cute.

  4. Laurie

    19 August

    D goes soon! She had her teeth checked at 2 (bc Ben did) but the girl is excited about going. I hope she stays that way!

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