223/365: Expressive

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Isaac is quite the expressive little dude.

In this set we have “angry, surprised, excited, annoyed and happy.” Not in that order…

  1. Jaime

    12 August

    Got a giggle out of me for this set…he seems to be alot of fun to have around. ;)

    • Aunt Carol

      13 August

      In that last picture Isaac looks just like his Dad !!

  2. Cyndi Parrish

    13 August

    such an expressive ‘little’ man! what a character too! so happy that you’ve been able to spend time with all the grands this summer

  3. kristin

    14 August

    You had me laughing out loud as I was looking at all his cuteness! Great series!

  4. Ali C

    16 August

    You are the master of light and shadows! What a face captured!

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