217/365: My Skin Crawls

217/365: My Skin Crawls

I don’t generally like spiders. They serve their purpose in my vegetable garden though, so I leave a few webs undisturbed.

It’s probably not logical to think that a spider is going to jump off of its web and bite me, but that is what went through my head as I was taking this shot. Eww…

  1. Sarah

    5 August

    Cool shot. These are the only spiders I don’t really mind.

  2. Misty

    5 August

    Makes my skin crawl too but fabulous shot!

  3. kristin

    5 August

    Awesome! Processing this shot in b/w really gives it a creepy feel. Your macros are so amazing.

  4. Lacey

    5 August

    I seriously just got chills looking at this…

  5. Laurie

    6 August

    I will touch just about anything! I don’t like the webs on me though….:) And I’m not surprised you have a garden…

  6. Jaime

    11 August

    I would have to agree. :)

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