194/365: Forgot

I forgot to pick up the camera for the 365 until bath-time. So, 2 bath photos within a week.

Oops :)

The boys each had a couple vaccines today. Sad day. That shocked, agonizing scream that always comes after the initial poke breaks my heart. The fever that lasts the rest of the day just makes us all cranky…

  1. Ashley Sisk

    14 July

    I love the perspective on the first shot.

  2. Laurie

    14 July

    Nothing wrong with that! Funny how closely your bath tub toys are to our bath tub toys. Lots of them too! I’m trying to weed ours out slowly. Think they’ll notice?

  3. really like the bright colors of all the toys in the tub, it is always heartbreaking when the little one get their shots

  4. Sarah

    16 July

    I love them both. Gorgeous.

  5. Cyndi Parrish

    18 July

    what a cute pic, Megan..be sure to put that one in the boys scrapbooks to show their future girlfriends..HAHAHAHHA

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