191/365: Which One?

Got a little closer to the headshot I had in mind. My husband says that these are my “real smile.” (Do you agree Courtney? And- are you happy?? ha!)

Which one do you prefer?


(and- both today and yesterday’s tops are from shopruche.com. Love that site!)

  1. Laurie

    10 July

    My vote is the second one. And now I’m off to shop :)

  2. Mindy

    10 July

    The 2nd one definitely!

  3. Mom

    10 July

    Yep…. # 2 is the real you! When your nose crinkles — that’s a Megan smile!! :)

  4. Gina

    10 July

    I vote for the second also!

  5. Cyndi Parrish

    10 July

    I love them both!! mostly because they are photos of you my beautiful daughter in law!! But if I have to pick #2 it is love the top too

  6. Courtney

    11 July

    FINALLY A REAL SMILE!! Whoo hoo!! I’m much happier :O) I love them both but I like the second one best!! Thanks for the tip for the site…do they ship to APOs?? Look at you becoming all stylish in your gray scale and muted pinks :O)

  7. Amanda Hatheway

    11 July

    2nd one! Gorgeous! And loving the top!

  8. Ashley Sisk

    11 July

    I think I like the second one a little better!

  9. Sarah

    11 July

    I like the second one. you are so pretty.

  10. Living Free

    11 July

    They are both beautiful, but I like the second one best.

  11. You look so pretty in both, Megan, but I really love the second one! And I really love your top. :)

  12. #2!!!

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