183/365: Quiet Morning

183/365: Quiet Morning

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He wanted to jump on the bed and scream. However, his brother was trying (he never did) to nap in the next room over, so we read a book and quieted down.

  1. Laurie

    3 July

    I love the last one! You have such great color :)

  2. Cyndi Parrish

    4 July

    such a sweet & precious little man

  3. kristin

    5 July

    I love #3! Great perspective. My kids love to read so much right now, and I wanted to do something fun to remember this time by, so I’m going to have to give that a try.

    BTW, thank you so much for all your sweet comments lately. I always love to get feedback on my photos, but it means the world to me coming from someone I respect and admire. I want to print out your comment from my 2nd Q Top 5 about my growth over the last 6 months and read it every morning to give me a kick start every day! And, I was thrilled when you recognized the light in my cornfield photo. That was an “ah-ha” moment for me. I got out of the car to take that photo of Catherine and I saw that amazing, beautiful, hazy, filtered light shining down and I almost swooned. It was the first time I’d really noticed or recognized light like that, and was so happy that I was able to successfully capture some of what I was seeing…and I was even happier when you saw and appreciated my vision as well. So again, thank you again for all your support.

  4. I just love, love, love this shot, Megan!! The light is simply gorgeous, and the simplicity of the shot is beautiful!

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