182/365: Midway

Halfway through the year?! Congrats fellow 365’ers… 6 months is a big accomplishment!

Grayden is also midway. In between a baby and a little boy.

On one hand he is picking up new words all the time, can follow 1 step directions, sits for 5-10 minute stretches entertaining himself with books, and is a total monkey… constantly getting himself into trouble climbing up onto things he shouldn’t. But he’s still holding tight to the baby phase: still a 2-nap-kid, loves to cuddle, and we’re supposed to be cutting back on his nursing sessions- but instead he looks up at me with those big brown eyes and signs for milk more often than he ever has. Yes, I know he’s probably just enjoying the power that comes with asking for, and receiving the object of his attention, but he’ll be done nursing by the time he’s 2, so I have a couple months yet before I really have to start telling him no :)

  1. Thjis is a beautiful shot of your little guy!

  2. What a gorgeous, sweet boy! Your light here is so pretty and I love how he’s looking up… it leaves you totally wondering what’s he thinking.

  3. I just came across your work after reading an interview with Courtney at Click it up a Notch. Your photographs are inspiring and I can’t wait to see more and learn more from you. Have a great weekend!

  4. Jennifer

    2 July

    Gorgeous! And congratulations on making it to the half way point!

  5. Sarah

    2 July

    Awww. I love it. Gorgeous lighting.

  6. Texan Mama

    2 July

    Megan, your son is just precious. That light is so amazing! I’m still learning so much and I love looking at your images – they inspire me!!!

    (dropping by from CM!)

  7. Karen

    2 July

    ahhh… my little guy was the same way. he held onto those nursing sessions until i had to tell him no! and he’s a total troublemaker too… love this post! congrats on making it halfway through! ;)

  8. Jess

    4 July

    Oh Megan, I saw this and couldn’t believe how big he is! Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Every single one :) Breast feeding toddlers is so fun and sweet!

  9. Cyndi Parrish

    4 July

    His Daddy was the same Megan, such a sweet cuddly ‘little’ guy he was, and we all know the trouble he could get into, there was a definate reason for the harness he used to wear when we went to public places. He was a houdini as well!! Love your baby while he still is one they grow up all to fast

  10. kristin

    5 July

    Congrats to you to on making it over the hump! I love the light and color in this picture; it is so yummy. I nursed my little guy until he was 22 months and was so sad when it was time for both of us to stop. He is still my cuddly boy though, so hopefully that won’t end for you once the nursing stops.

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