176/365: Molar

Grayden’s first one year molar finally broke the surface today. It has been 6 months since we thought that it would be popping up “any day.” He wasn’t thrilled with the development. Not that I blame him, I vaguely remember the discomfort my 12 year molars caused… mouth pain is no joke!

  1. MIsti

    26 June

    YAY!! for them breaking through. Teething is so hard, on kid and mom. Love this image.

  2. Courtney

    26 June

    Poor little guy!! Hope he feels better soon!!!

  3. Laurie

    26 June

    He is looking so big sitting there on the couch. Pretty light, as usual!

  4. what a fabulous shot, glad the tooth made it all the way through. maybe he’ll get some relief now.

  5. Sarah

    26 June

    Yay for the tooth breaking through. Cute photo.

  6. Lisa Harrison

    27 June

    I’m glad it broke through. He’s so cute. My almost 10 year old son gets canker sores and you’re right…….Mouth pain is NO joke.

  7. Cyndi Parrish

    27 June

    he sure looks like his Dada! I see more of you in Isaac now than when hhe was smaller but Grayden has his Dada’s look and ways about him ..such beautiful ‘little’ guys they are. Miss you and Love you all

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