169/365: 12 Months… 3 Months Late

169/365: 12 Months… 3 Months Late

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There has continually been some excuse (illness, injury, weather, etc.) as to why I couldn’t shoot Grayden’s 1 year pictures. This morning, the light in his room inspired me and I finally got the job done. Love you, little guy.

  1. Marisa

    18 June

    That last photo—perfect! So nice that he cooperated for you. :) Love those big eyes.

    Now, the second photo. . . were you on top of the dresser? That’s dedication.

    • MeganCieloha

      24 June

      Yep :) I crawl up on furniture quite often… I like the different perspective it gives!

  2. kristin

    19 June

    I love that you captured him in his element, doing what he does right now at this stage in his life. It is all about who he is and not just all about the cute smile, but glad you got that one in there in the end too!

  3. I love each and every one of these. The different perspectives make them so unique and not your usual…”smile, look at mommy shot”!!

  4. Laurie

    19 June

    These are precious. I need to do D’s 3 year old pictures. And I’m not excited about it…at all. She is at a hard age! And thanks for your sweet comment yesterday! It means a lot coming from your :)

  5. Kristen

    19 June

    Love these! The first is my favorite. Such sweet shots. :)

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