165/365: Willing?

165/365: Willing?

He tried. He really tried.

But in the end, we had to move to another area to grab an open eye shot.

  1. Love it!! Look at all his little band aids….hee hee!!

  2. Laurie

    16 June

    He is covered in bandaids. And Ben is the same way. And so is his daddy. Either squinty or “the light hurts my eyes!” I think it is that y gene ;)

  3. kristin

    16 June

    My son came in when the first picture was up on my screen and was so curious about it. I never realized how much alike our sons appear to be. I love this age and all the randomness that comes with it. I just adore the first shot because for me it really sums up life as we know it.

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