153/365: This is a Cheat

153/365: This is a Cheat

I didn’t pick up my camera at all on this day… so here is an extra from the following day :)

He had just told me that the sun was hurting his eyes. I think he would rather have not been looking at me.

  1. This expression says that you are right……sometimes the little ones have just had enough of the camera! I really like the color and the edit on this one.

  2. kristin

    3 June

    I love so much about this photo; his expression, your PPing, your dof and perfect focus on his eye. It is so true that a picture can say a 1000 words, and I think this one says more!

  3. Laurie

    4 June

    lol. He is such a cutie. Even when scowling.

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