147/365: Waiting

And one for the grandparents who can’t handle two days of no kid pics in a row :)

  1. heidi

    28 May

    I am really loving your dark/light/shadow home pics. :) Oh, and the cute kid, I totally get the grandparents here…;)

  2. I love your use of light Megan! Always beautiful.

  3. Cyndi Parrish

    30 May

    waiting would be for next weekend? Just assuming since that’s when your MAN said he would be back. So excited for you all, you are all troupers and deserve a holiday for you too!

  4. kristin

    30 May

    Your use of light is amazing, and that little smile is adorable. This is why I love looking at your blog…I learn and it makes me happy!

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