144/365: Pasta Dinner

144/365: Pasta Dinner

I stripped them down to “nakey boys” for dinner tonight. They loved it.

  1. Galina

    24 May

    Happy-messy-pasta-sauce! :)
    we also have a messy place with 4-year-old eating linguine :)

  2. Laurie

    25 May

    Wow. You go girl!

  3. Mrs. Fun

    25 May

    Love your conversion!!! It’s timeless. The dog in the second one is the best, I love it.

  4. Love these!! I need to get better about capturing the everyday…

  5. Courtney

    26 May

    What a mess!! I love Owen dreaming of getting some!

  6. Lacey

    3 June

    Why oh Why do I not do this every night?? Haha! I love your lighting here, Megan! This is how good you are – you make two little boys getting messy at dinner look stunning … :)

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